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Health & Wellness Products

As a member of UnitedHealthcare, you can save on many over-the-counter (OTC) health items you use every day. To get started, activate your card and register your online account below.
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With Healthy Benefits Plus, you receive credits to spend on Medicare-approved over-the-counter products. UnitedHealthcare has teamed up with the largest retailer to ensure your credits get you more. Buy OTC items such as allergy medication, cough drops, first aid supplies, oral care, pain relievers, vitamins and more.
We meet you where you are with choices for ordering that fit your way of living. Choose from four ways to shop - online, in-store, over the phone or by mail.

How It Works

How to shop with your OTC benefit

Healthy Benefits Plus makes shopping with your OTC benefit a breeze!

Mobile app products list

View Credit Balance

Once you're logged in, your account balance is listed at the top of the Order page.


Browse Products

You can browse a wide variety of products on the website on the Order page. You can also use your catalog to view products.



You can order products online, shop in store, call to order, or mail in an order form. Best of all, all shipping costs are waived for members and will not be deducted from your OTC benefit balance.

Order online

To order online, you can start by viewing the product list on the Order page.

  • Once you are on the Order page, you can start your order by adding items to your cart by clicking the Add to Cart button in the product details.
  • After adding items to your cart, you can click on the Cart in the upper right of the page.
  • To complete your order, click Check Out and enter your shipping details. Then, click Place Order to receive your free health & wellness products with free shipping.
OTC Website list of products

Order in stores

To shop in-store, start by using the website or the Healthy Benefits Plus app to find participating stores near you.

  • First, find the products you want to order. You can use the catalog, website or app to help you find eligible products.
  • Make a note of the product names and sizes you would like to buy. Then head to a participating store of your choice.
  • At check out, scan the back of your Health & Wellness Products card or barcode on the Redeem tab of the app.
  • Tip: If you have questions about product eligibility at the store, use your Healthy Benefits Plus mobile app to scan the barcode on the product. A message will appear on your mobile app letting you know if the item is covered.

Find a store near you by clicking below:

Or by downloading the Healthy Benefits Plus mobile app.

Order by phone

To order over the phone, you can start by viewing the product list on the Order page.

  • First, find the products you want to order.
  • Call the 800 number in your welcome packet with the item name(s) and item ID(s) of the products you want to order.
  • To complete the order, give the customer service agent your order details and your 17-digit account number and security code*, and your shipping address.
  • You can find your 17-digit account number and 4-digit PIN/Security Code on the Health & Wellness Products card. It is also listed on the Redeem tab on the mobile app.

Order by mail

To order by mail, you can start by viewing the product list in your catalog or on the Order page on this website.

  • First, find the products you want to order in the catalog.
  • Write the item ID, description, price, and quantity on one of the four pre-filled order forms you received in the mail. List the items on the form in order of preference. If the total exceeds your current credit balance, items will be removed. The last item listed will be removed from the order until the total is under your credit balance.
  • Insert the complete form in one of the postage-paid envelopes to mail in your form. Mail your form to Healthy Benefits Plus, PO Box 46220, Plymouth, MN 55446-9907.