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Aetna Better Care

Thanks to Aetna Better Care Rewards, you get a new reward each time you complete an approved healthy activity. To get started, activate your card and register your online account below.

How It Works

Your Aetna Better Care Card

With the Aetna Better Care Rewards program, you can earn big rewards for living a healthy lifestyle. Once you earn a reward, it will automatically be available to you on the rewards card you received in the mail. You can use your rewards where Visa is accepted at store locations providing child care, utilities, telecom, transportation and education services as well as at Walmart stores.
To view your earned rewards, log in to your online account.

Earning Rewards

You can earn rewards by completing any of the health visits listed below. You must meet all requirements.

Healthy Activities
  1. Controlling Blood Pressure - $25

    When you receive a qualifying blood pressure reading (<140/90) during an outpatient visit (in office or telehealth) if previously diagnosed with hypertension.

  2. Adult Annual Flu Shot - $10

    Ages 21 and up.

  3. Complete an Annual Health Risk Screening - $10
  4. Annual Well Care Visit with a Primary Care Physician - $20

    Ages 21 and up, one per calendar year.

  5. Per Infant and Well Child Visits - $10

    Each time you complete a well child visit for your infant ages zero to 30 months (up to $60 total).

  6. Child Well Visit - $10

    Ages 3-6. Eligible for children turning 3-6 annually when they receive their annual well child, EPSDT* visit.

  7. Colorectal Cancer Screening - $15

    Ages 51-75.

  8. Cervical Cancer Screening - $15

    Ages 21-64.

  9. Annual Breast Cancer Screening - $50

    Ages 50-74.

  10. Follow Up Visit After Being Discharged From an Inpatient Behavioral Health Facility - $25

    Ages 6 and up. Must attend an outpatient follow up appointment with a behavioral health provider within 7 days of being discharged.

  11. Comprehensive Diabetes Care - $50

    Ages 18-54. Must complete all of the following once in the calendar year: HbA1c Test, Retinopathy Screening and Kidney Screening.

  1. Filling a Prescription for ACE/ARB (Blood Pressure Drug) - $10

    One award annually.

  2. Filling a Prescription for Statin Therapy (Cholesterol Drug) - $10

    One award annually.

  3. Per Antidepressant Medication Refill - $10

    Ages 18 and up, $60 max in a calendar year.

  4. Refilling Antidepressant Medication Six Times in a Row - $40

    Ages 18 and up, per calendar year.

  1. Notification of Pregnancy Form - $50

    Must be completed within first trimester.

  2. Notification of Pregnancy Form - $25

    Must be completed within second trimester.

  3. Postpartum Visit - $20

    Must be completed 3-8 weeks after delivery.

How to Shop with Your Rewards

Healthy Benefits Plus makes shopping with your rewards a breeze.

View Reward Balance

Once you're logged in, you can easily find your account balance listed on the My Account page.


You can shop with your Visa card at many stores nationwide, subject to reward restrictions.


Instantly redeem your rewards and save big.